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PROUD – Fire Breaks The Dawn [Japan CD reissue] out of print

After the new, second album of Swedes PROUD after 37 years just released, many of you asked for the band’s debut, 1984’s ”Fire Breaks The Dawn”. The album became very hard to find over the years, and never was remastered. There’s a digital only version available on streaming sites but sound quality is poor.
However this Japanese CD Edition from 1995 sounds million bucks, and it’s the best you can get from this fine, ‘lost’ album.
On ”Fire Breaks The Dawn” PROUD mix the NWOBHM driving riffs with a melodic hard attack including keys from the mid-80s Scandinavian scene. Songwriting is very good, as are the vocals with…

PROUD – Second Act (2021)

After all these years (37!) Swedish outfit PROUD, founded as BURN in 1982, will release their second album “Second Act” this Friday via AOR Heaven Records.
Their debut “Fire Breaks The Dawn“ (1984) seems very distant, but the ’80s vibe & feeling are intact into this classic melodic hard rock band which sounds unmistakable Scandinavian, with a warm production design and lovely midtempo AOR arrangements Mixed & Mastered by Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE).
Just check out ear-candy winners like “Broken Dreams“, “Crying In The Night“ and “Dangerous“. You’ll love “Second Act”: this is one on the ‘more classy’ melodic rock albums of the year, and one of the best…
HIGHLY Recommended