PRETENDERS – Hate For Sale (2020)

Always fronted by the unique Chrissie Hynde, PRETENDERS are back in action with “Hate For Sale“, their new album to be released this week. And this is a return with a rocking muscle, nerve, and attitude.
On this 11th Pretenders album, Hynde is using her passionate voice again. Or at least a voice that makes her heard above the sound of her constantly knocking past. Maybe it’s the full utilization of guitarist James Walbourne, who co-wrote every song, or maybe it’s the return of original drummer Martin Chambers.
Whatever the case, Hynde sounds revitalized and excited to be making a record with a rock n’ roll bite.

PRETENDERS – Packed! [remastered + bonus] (2015)

* The eight PRETENDERS albums released by Warner Bros in the twenty years between 1979 and 1999 are being reissued by Edsel Records as deluxe CD+DVD digipaks. Apart from a fresh remaster, these will boast an enormous amount of bonus material including b-sides, live tracks, remixes, songs for soundtracks, demos and alternate versions. I always had a soft spot for...