PLATINUM – Iceman (1990) [Rare Albums]

As requested, here’s the only – and quite rare – CD from American rockers PLATINUM titled “Iceman“. The band recorded a demo in 1989 for shopping labels, and while resulted pretty difficult to get a deal in the overcrowded US scene, the 5-piece finally did it the next year.
PLATINUM hails from New Jersey, but the album was recorded in Canada, and then released by a German label. A lot of struggle, but it was worth it.
“Iceman” enlisted virtuoso guitarist Vick LeCar (who later worked with Joe Lynn Turner among others) and their music is pure American metal with a glam touch (take a look at the band’s picture below).
It’s riff-driven, groovy classic US metal with melody, some keyboard flourishes to provide melody, and even there’s cowbell on the catchiest songs.
One of the good things on…