PLATFORMS (Michael Palace) – The Future That Never Happened [Ltd CD Edition] (2021)

PLATFORMS is the baby of American vocalist Jordan Cox and Swede Michael Palace (PALACE, FIND ME) who met on the internet last year discovering each other’s love and dedication to melodic synthwave pop/rock with a great portion of Eighties sound.
The result is “The Future That Never Happened“, a collection of pretty awesome melodic rock with soaring clean vocals, keyboard splashes and the ’80s feeling all over.
Initially only available digitally in 2020, here’s finally a limited run of 500 CDs released by MelodicRock Records.
These are not just ’80s synth landscapes, these are solid songs, with guitar solos and all, and Cox is a really good singer with a warm voice…

PLATFORMS (Michael Palace) – Apocalypse Party +2 [new 2021 album]

PLATFORMS is a good example of one of the positive aspects of the modern Internet culture we find ourselves in. During a dark period in his life, from his apartment in Chicago, singer Jordan Cox filled his hard drive with countless songs that sat unrealized and unreleased. One day, he found Swedish producer / guitarist Michael Palace (PALACE, FIND ME) on Instagram and sent him a direct message.
After bonding over their appreciation for 80s rock and synth music the two quickly began resurrecting Jordan’s demos and writing new songs from scratch. In 2020 through Dropbox exchanges and Facebook messenger they constructed ‘The Future That Never Happened’ a full-length album within months, now to be released on physical format for the first time.
And now the duo are also releasing their new album titled “Apocalypse Party“, another trip back to the ’80s, including an awesome synth/melodic rock version of TINA TURNER’s ‘The Best’…