PETER STRYKES (1st Avenue) Sings Robby Valentine (2020 Reissue)

Dutch vocalist PETER STRYKES already worked with Robby Valentine while the former was the lead vocalist for melodic rockers 1st AVENUE, where Robby was involved in songwriting. Years later, Strykes performed vocals on Robby’s album ‘Androgenius’, and a year after, both musicians decided to record this “Peter Strykes sings Robby Valentine” album, released in limited quantities.
We have here a bunch of terrific songs composed by Valentine where he sings in a duet with Strykes. While Strykes is the main lead vocalist, Valentine sings some parts of the songs and does almost the entire instrumentation. There’s drums by longtime collaborator Juan van Emmerloot, and a guitar solo by their friend Valensia Clarkson, but essentially this is Strykes / Valentine stuff.
If you love Robby Valentine’s music you can’t miss this wonderful piece of music, with Strykes providing his unique pipes to craft a very unique sound & style.
HIGHLY Recommended