PETER HERMANSSON (feat members of Europe, Treat, Electric Boys, 220 Volt) – Second Glance (2021)

Foremost known for being the drummer in classic Swedish rockers 220 Volt, PETER HERMANSSON also has been part of the classic John Norum Band first line-up, member of Talisman, Mats Karlsson band, Martina Edoff band and many more. But Peter is a highly prolific songwriter too, producer and a very well trained lead vocalist as well.
Now he’s releasing the solo album ”Second Glance”, where he sings his own penned songs and drums / percussion of course. Hermansson is helped by top class Scandi from bands such as Europe, Treat, Electric Boys, 220 Volt, Grand Design, Blindstone and more.
And the drummer shows us he has more than drum sticks in his bag on a very good solo album…