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BJÖRN STIGSSON – Together With Friends [Limited Edition Gold CD Remastered] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

The cult classic album “Together With Friends” from guitarist BJÖRN STIGSSON (Leviticus / XT) is getting the full remaster treatment for the first time on this just released Roxx Records reissue, a limited edition pressed on gold CD. A much needed remaster that makes this 1987 melodic hard rock / AOR album sound better, featuring upgraded artwork as well.
Making justice to its title, Stigsson called some talented Swedish musicians / friends for the recording, including 2 male and 1 female vocalists, including AOR expert Peo Pettersson.
“Together With Friends” stands the test of time as nothing less than a first-rate hard rock album. When taking into consideration the quality of its songwriting in addition to the top-notch talent performing on it, I cannot help but think the album would have sold a million copies if given the same promotion as Stryper’s ‘To Hell With The Devil’ just…

PEO – The Hardest Rock (2020)

Swede PEO Pettersson has been in music business for more than 35 years, known for playing in bands like Leviticus, King Of Dreams, Staggerwing as well as releasing a good number of solo albums being himself a skilled songwriter, producer, singer, and multi- instrumentalist.
Peo’s first solo album still is considered one of the best AOR releases from the Nineties, however Peo isn’t still and has developed a varied musical palette since.
The Hardest Rock” is inspired by the Seventies / Eighties arena rock classic style, driven by melodic guitar riffs, clean vocals, smooth keyboards and a steady rhythm section.

STAGGERWING (Peo Pettersson) – Staggerwing (2019)

STAGGERWING is a new Swedish outfit featuring the talents of singer / songwriter Peo Pettersson (P.A.L., ex- Leviticus) and his long time friend Dan Boström (guitars), who worked with him on the classic AOR Peo solo debut “Look What I’ve Started” (1995). However this time the musical focus is classic, traditional hard rock with abundant melody and even a pomp...

PEO – Orbit Of Dreams (2018)

After recording a really fine melodic rock album as part of PAL – released early this year and featured on this blog – Swede PEO Pettersson is presenting his new solo album “Orbit Of Dreams“. Apart form the lead vocals and songwriting, Peo took care of most the instruments, with guitar solos contributed by his partner in PAL Roger Ljungren,...

PEO – Welcome To The Party (2016)

Released by AOR Heaven Records “Welcome To The Party“, the ninth solo record of Swedish artist PEO Pettersson (ex Leviticus, Axia) is by far his best in a long time. PEO released in the Nineties one of the most celebrated Melodic Rock / AOR albums of the decade, but lately he has developed his love for classic rock. “Welcome To...