PAVEMENT PRINCESS – Second Skin (2021)

Finally, PAVEMENT PRINCESS second and final album “Second Skin” will be released tomorrow. After a two year hiatus following the passing in 2019 of René de Bie, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and half of the power duo PAVEMENT PRINCESS Erwin Arbon has painstakingly completed the band’s second and final release.
This Dutch band has captured and then transformed into their own the classic sound of bands like Danger Danger, Warrant, early Stryper, some Poison, Midnite City, etc. In fact PAVEMENT PRINCESS brings to mind Blue Tears ’80s lost albums a lot, and recent Italian AOR/MR project Wheels Of Fire.
Be aware there’s low-signal files of this album floating the web; this is the real one.

PAVEMENT PRINCESS – First Night Out +1 (2018)

First Night Out” is a proper title for the debut album by Dutch duo PAVEMENT PRINCESS. Though they already knew each other somewhat vaguely from the local rock circuit, it was during a jam session Rene de Bie and Erwin Arbon discovered their mutual passion for classic ’80s melodic hard rock and AOR.
“First Night Out” is just a great, pure ’80s styled rock n’ roll good time. These guys would have no problem standing right alongside some of the great new bands like Midnite City, Sisters Doll and Kissin’ Dynamite as well as the greats like Danger Danger, Firehouse and Poison.
This is definitely an album you want to listen to if the aforementioned acts – and especially this timeless genre – is among your favorites…