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SABU (Paul) – Sabu +5 [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2020) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As requested we are presenting in exclusive the Rock Candy remastered & reloaded release – for the first time on CD – of Paul SABU‘s first rock album, 1980’s “Sabu“, including five bonus tracks, previously unreleased material from the same sessions.
The name Paul Sabu is held in incredibly high esteem amongst rock fans. His musical output has consistently attracted praise – the quality of songwriting, singing and performance securing him a star in the AOR/melodic rock scene that continues to burn brightly.
However, his first foray into the music business actually commenced…
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AOR – The Best Of Paul Sabu [Remastered + New Tracks] (2021)

Since Paul Sabu meet Frédéric Slama from AOR in 2012 and worked together on the first Chasing Violets album, a real friendship has emerged between the two musicians, with Sabu being part / providing vocals of almost all the AOR albums released since then.
The Best Of Paul Sabu” features all the songs from that collaboration all over 15 tracks, some rare only found on the AOR Japanese pressings, others as bonus tracks from the 2 Chasing Violets albums + 2 brand new tracks recorded specially for this project.
Along Paul Sabu you will find talented musicians such as Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper, Steve Walsh), Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Linkan Andersson (Zoodrive), Martin Karlsson (Livin’ Parasite) & Pete Newdeck (Eden’s Curse).
The new songs were co-produced by Sabu & Denander.
If you like the AOR project with a touch of the rocking side of Sabu’s Only Child / Kidd Glove, you should fall in love with “The Best Of Paul Sabu”, a more ‘rocking’ affair from the AOR project.

CORPORATE CONTROL (Paul Sabu) – Whatever It Takes (2021)

Released by Perris Records, “Whatever It Takes” is the debut album from CORPORATE CONTROL, an American-German collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Marcus Boeltz and AOR heavyweight Paul Sabu, joined by bassist Barry Sparks (Yngwie Malmsteen, Scorpions, Dokken).
Formed in 2019 the idea behind ”Whatever It Takes” was to produce a fresh and modern sounding classic melodic hard rock / AOR album that also features instruments untypical for the genre such as Sitar, Madolin and Cello.
Co-produced by Boeltz & Sabu who also handles all vocals, there’s unmistakable ’80s elements all over, bringing to mind SILENT RAGE, KANE ROBERTS, and of course, PAUL SABU solo. But as said, Boeltz adds a special touch on the arrangements and some instrumentation…

PAUL SABU – Hard Rock Zombies [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

One of the most revered cult classic B-movies from the ’80s is without a doubt “Hard Rock Zombies“, which soundtrack written, performed and produced by PAUL SABU remained unreleased for many years. There was several bootlegs, but now Sabu has joined with Lunaris Records (specialized in horror and cult film soundtracks) for a full, complete release.
Of course it’s also available on vinyl LP and cassette, as a true product from the ’80s should be.
“Hard Rock Zombies” is one of those…

AOR – The Ghost Of L.A. (2021)

Frédéric Slama is finally back 2021 with his new AOR album entitled “The Ghost Of L.A.”, consisting of 10 brand new tracks, arranged and co-written with Tommy Denander and where the Swede play most the instrumentation.
As happens with all AOR albums, “The Ghost Of L.A.” features great lead vocalists such as Paul Sabu (Only Child, Kidd Glove), Rick Riso (Chasing Violets), Steph Honde (Hollywood Monsters) and Markus Nordenberg (Coastland Ride, Pearls & Flames).
The CD’s theme is about the ever changing city of Los Angeles that lost its soul for a brand new world far from the recklessness of an era long gone. But the ghost of the ’80s is still haunting the streets of L.A.
With the help of top producers such as Denander & Sabu, Slama is offering once again a really solid album that will please…

Paul SABU – Heartbreak +9 [Rock Candy remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Paul SABU is some kind of Melodic Hard Rock / AOR legend. Just in case you have forgotten; Sabu has produced, mixed, written songs and performed with such artists as Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Little Caesar, Lee Aaron, Shania Twain, John Waite, WASP, Nelson and even Madonna.
Perhaps his most celebrated album, “Heartbreak“, has just been ‘remastered & reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records. And ‘reloaded’ indeed… this reissue includes no less than 9 bonus tracks.
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ONLY CHILD – Only Child +4 [Rock Candy Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Rock Cany has just released their remastered version of Paul Sabu’s ’80s band ONLY CHILD, its self-titled debut “Only Child” including 4 bonus tracks.
Paul’s previous (solo) album, the awesome ‘Heartbreak’, was a valiant attempt to raise awareness of his talent, but with limited promotion it failed to connect with the wider public.
Three years later, recognizing that fans wanted nothing more than to be swept up in the emotion of a vertiginous chorus, written in the image of a Desmond Child or a Jack Ponti, Sabu put together his magnum opus, Only Child.
Sabu had learned his lessons the hard way. Popular acclaim was the target. And that remastering job makes the gutsy urgency of of ‘Just Ask’ and ‘I Wanna Touch’ sound dynamic, clear and pin sharp, later mainlining us into the adrenaline rush of ‘I Believe In You’, and ‘Save A Place in Yourt Heart’, unwrapping both songs’ full potential.
It was career highpoint that still resonates today as one of the best AOR albums from the 80s.
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PAUL SABU – Heartbreak [Deluxe Edition Remastered +3]

PAUL SABU is some kind of Melodic Hard Rock legend and doesn’t needs introduction. Just in case you have forgotten; Sabu has produced, mixed, written songs and performed with such artists as Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Little Caesar, Lee Aaron, Shania Twain, John Waite, WASP, Nelson and even Madonna. Prolific is as well his work for Hollywood movies appearing in...

ALEXA (Paul Sabu) – Alexa [MTM Classix / YesterRock Remastered]

Produced and co-written by Paul Sabu, “Alexa” is the awesome self-titled debut by female vocalist ALEXA Anastasia, here remastered by YesterRock’s resident Tony Übler.
Simply put, this is one of the best female-fronted AOR albums ever made – it was 1989, so you know the production sound – and perhaps including some of th best songs Paul Sabu ever wrote, one with Joe Lynn Turner.
A Must Have

KIDD GLOVE – Kidd Glove [Rock Candy remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

At the early 80s and before his stupendous solo debut 1985 LP, Paul Sabu had become a name to watch. His superlative voice and penchant for crafting solid yet melodic rock made him a desirable commodity, something that didn’t escape the notice of a new record label called Morocco, a spin-off from Motown.
With a project under the name KIDD GLOVE, its self titled album appeared in 1984. While there has been a couple of remastered reissues, Rock Candy Records just released their own, including 4 bonus tracks, some of ’em never heard before.
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CRANSTON (Paul Sabu) – II (2018)

To be released tomorrow, the simply titled “II” is indeed the second album from CRANSTON, the band formed three years go by vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Phil Vincent, his former band mate in D’Ercole drummer B.F. D’Ercole, and the legendary Paul Sabu on guitar.What isn’t ‘simply’ for sure is the material on offer here; a strong bunch of classic melodic hard...

KIDD GLOVE (Paul Sabu) – Kidd Glove [YesterRock remaster + bonus]

With the recently presented here Hard Rock Zombies soundtrack performed by Paul Sabu and his -then- bandmates in KIDD GLOVE, one of you readers asked for this one.Among the many labels that re-release classics in the melodic rock genre, two are among the best: Rock Candy Records and YesterRock. The latter, sadly, ceased its operations. But in about 6 years...

D’ERCOLE – Made To Burn (2018)

After several years, D’ERCOLE, the band set up by Damian D’Ercole and Phil Vincent, are back with a new album titled “Made To Burn“, to be released tomorrow. While Legion disbanded last year, the busy Phil Vincent has an active solo career and his other band Tragik is still alive, but his collaboration with D’Ercole took many years to flourish...

O’REGAN – Tunnel Vision (CD version)

Talented British guitarist Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley, Legion, Paul Sabu, Kooga), one of the hardest working musicians from the melodic hard rock UK scene, has a very interesting solo career as well via his own band O’REGAN. This “Tunnel Vision“, his second album, is in my opinion the best so far, requested again by one of you in its CD...

TERI TIMS – Teri Tims [Z Records remaster +3 exclusive bonus]

Recorded several years ago and initially an indie / self-managed release, the album by American female singer TERI TIMS was finally out on Z Records. This remastered reissue was delayed, changed its working title twice, and at the end they opted for “Teri Tims”. “Teri Tims” is being reissued by Z Records because of her husband; Paul Sabu, who already...