PAUL GILBERT – Werewolves Of Portland (2021)

MR. BIG guitarist extraordinaire PAUL GILBERT will release his 16th solo studio album, “Werewolves Of Portland“, on June 4 via Mascot / The Players Club. With the international lockdown putting the world on hold, it wasn’t possible to get a band to record in the studio. Gilbert decided to, rather than wait, he got on with playing all the instruments on the album himself.
As with Paul’s previous album, the inspiration for the songs did not come from the guitar, but from writing lyrics and singing melodies.
Gilbert seemingly has the entire world of music under his fingers, crossing genres and creating endless possibilities for himself like it’s the most natural thing he could think to do. ”Werewolves Of Portland” is another fine chapter in his body of work and will provide fans of high-end rock guitar with years of listening pleasure.
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