PATTY SMYTH and SCANDAL – Goodbye To You! Best Of The ’80s Live 83-84 [2018] *EXCLUSIVE*

A couple of weeks ago we featured here PATTY SMYTH and SCANDAL album remastered and SMYTH’s new solo album. Now this is a pleasure to present here in exclusive: after all these years live recordings of Patty and the original line-up of the band finally surfaced, all recorded between 1983-1984.
Approved by Patty herself, the found tapes on “Goodbye To You! Best Of The ’80s Live 83-84“were remastered and the sound quality is pretty good, and of course, pure ’80s radio-ready melodic rock.
Additionally, this is a must have because there’s a lot of songs here that Scandal / Smyth fan can’t get on any other album / compilation: ‘Child of the Night’, a new take on ‘She’s A Girl Who Can’t Say No’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Second That Emotion’, and ‘Deep River’ (nearly as good as Tina and Ike).
Also, their classic song ‘Warrior’ is done in a rockin’, faster tempo…
A great document from a golden era, and from a great band
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SCANDAL featuring Patty Smyth – Warrior [Rock Candy remastered +5]

Patty Smyth is one of the finest AOR female singers emerged during the ’80s, and his vehicle to stardom was the band SCANDAL. Rock Candy Records reissued their album “Warrior” from 1984 including as bonus tracks the very hard to find 5-track EP debut from the band appeared in 1982, all digitally remastered with a fantastic sound quality.
This is the story of a very successful chart storming band, but it’s also the tale of a band…

PATTY SMYTH (Scandal) – It’s About Time (2020)

After almost 30 years, former SCANDAL vocalist PATTY SMYTH returns with a new album properly titled ”It’s About Time”. Patty couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate title for the new record, her first set of original songs in 28 years.
But there’s a reason; the long hiatus between albums wasn’t due to a lack of trying, she has been busy raising six children, performing with SCANDAL following their reunion in the mid 2000s, acting and providing the Netflix series Glow with its theme.
Aside from all that, Smyth says she wanted to put out the best material that was right for her.
Produced by mega-talented Dann Huff, ”It’s About Time” shows that Patty Smyth has’t lost any color of her unique voice, and the material is really strong resembling the vocalist’s 80s style.