Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo – 35th Anniversary Tour (2-CD)

The personal and professional partnership of Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo is one of classic rock’s great love stories. The couple celebrated their life together as musicians s well with their 35th Anniversary tour, which was fully recorded and put on 2-CD/DVD with the title “Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo: The 35th Anniversary Tour“, that contains 14 of their biggest hits revitalized and updated.
“The hit single ‘Heartbreaker’ was the catalyst for it all,” Benatar says in a news release. “It’s hard to believe that…

PAT BENATAR – Get Nervous [BGO remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s more must have PAT BENATAR music, this time her fourth studio album ”Get Nervousremastered into a 2-in-1 CD by BGO Records alongside ‘Precious Time’. We have already featured here ‘Precious Time’ in its Japanese Ltd. 80s Best Collection 1200 series disc, which remaster quality is superior than this one. So let’s concentrate into ”Get Nervous”.
‘Shadows Of The Night’. That’s it. This track alone makes this album a must have. A 1982 (love albums of this ilk appeared that year) melodic rock AOR tune with that unrepeatable production. ‘That’ sound.
Highly Recommended

PAT BENATAR – Live From Earth + Wide Awake In Dreamland [BGO 2xCD remastered]

As requested we have more PAT BENATAR albums remastered by BGO Records into a 2xCD pack; 1983’s ”Live From Earth”, documenting Pat’s rocking first era plus 2 new studio tracks, and 1988’s ”Wide Awake In Dreamland”.
”Live From Earth” captures Benatar pure effervescence, recorded during her sold out ‘Get Nervous’ world tour in late 1982 and early 1983. It also contains two studio tracks, “Lipstick Lies” and “Love Is a Battlefield”, which became an international hit single and garnered Benatar her fourth consecutive Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1984.
Then ”Wide Awake In Dreamland” is a true 1988 sounding album; slick production, synths and a female fronted lite AOR approach and …

PAT BENATAR – Tropico + Seven The Hard Way [BGO 2-in-1 remastered]

As requested, here we have PAT BENATAR‘s mid-80s albums remastered by BGO Records including a bonus track, ”Tropico” + ”Seven The Hard Way”, all on one CD.
A sign of times, both albums showcased a much more rock&pop radio friendly material in terms of arrangements and production compared with Benatar previous LP’s, but despite the bombastic production, the girl still rocked, with songs composed by the likes of Tom Kelly & Billy Steinberg (i-Ten), Holly Knight (Device) or Robert Tepper.

PAT BENATAR – Precious Time [Japan Ltd. 80s Best Collection 1200 series / Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

For many her finest moment, here’s the requested, out of print Japanese limited edition of PAT BENATAR‘s third album “Precious Time”, fully remastered with a pristine sound quality.
The album peaked at #1 on the Billboard chart and includes two of my favorite Benatar tunes; the top-20 hit “Fire And Ice” (Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1982) and the fantastic “Promises In The Dark”.
One of the key of success of “Precious Time” is Keith Olsen, without a doubt one of the greatest producers of the ’80s (Heart, Scorpions, Journey, Whitesnake, etc)
Only at 0dayrox

PAT BENATAR – In The Heat Of The Night [Japan SHM-CD miniLP remastered]

As requested, here’s the remastered Japanese reissue on SHM-CD of PAT BENATAR‘s debut album ”In The Heat Of The Night”. The LP surprised both rock fans and critics, and also industry, peaking at No. 12 Billboard album chart and delivering Benatar’s breakthrough hit “Heartbreaker”, the top-30 single “We Live for Love”.
I still remember, in the early ’80s, hearing “Heartbreaker” all day in heavy radio rotation. The song was everywhere.

PAT BENATAR – Crimes Of Passion [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP remastered] Out Of Print

Today August 5 is the 40th-year anniversary of the release of PAT BENATAR‘s sophomore album ‘Crimes Of Passion‘, and what a better way to celebrate it with its Japanese edition on SHM-CD, remastered.
Benatar is one of the pioneers of the 80s female-fronted rock explosion and her first few albums rocked with the best of them.
Produced & Engineered by master Keith Olsen, ‘Crimes Of Passion’ definitely put Benatar into the spotlight, and remains as her biggest selling career album, having been certified 4x Platinum riding on the success of songs like “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”, “You Better Run” or “Treat Me Right”, while…

PAT BENATAR – Live Is A Battlefield [KBFH / digitally remastered] (2016)

PAT BENATAR – Live Is A Battlefield [KBFH / digitally remastered] (2016)

“Live Is A Battlefield” is the re-packaged / refreshed 2016 reissue by Cannonball / Soulfood of PAT BENATAR‘s 1981 performance for the famous King Biscuit Flower Hour, digitally remastered.Taped in Austin, TX, October 6th, 1981, this concert captures Pat Benatar at her rocking best, with an excellent sound recording. Arguably at the peak of her career in the early Eighties,...