PANTARA-84 – Pantara​-​84 (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

More and more of you have been asking for female-fronted melodic rock / hard / AOR music, especially from the ’80s. Today we bring you in exclusive the mid-Eighties recorded material from American all-girl melodic hard rock act PANTARA-84, unreleased until now.
Re-baptized PANTARA-84, this is the current name for a hard rock girl band from 1984-1987 that played to huge crowds in the NY / NJ club scene under the name of PANTARA (there’s a male band using that name now).
These songs were recorded and mixed at Electric Lady Studios in New York in the ’80s, and recently some were featured in the roller derby documentary “Live Free Skate Hard” released in 2021. This prompted to finally release these tracks now, and at 0dayrox we added some live tapes from our archives.
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