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PALACE – Rock And Roll Radio (2020)

Never let it be said 2020 breathed its last cursed breath without giving us something good along the way. A memorable and brilliant cruising album has arrived in the form of Michael PALACE’s “Rock and Roll Radio” album, available December 4 on Frontiers Music.
This Swede is one of those multi-instrumentalists like Prince or Arjen Lucassen who just takes DIY album-making to an extreme. In the album notes, Palace is credited as playing “everything.” Unless there are cameos we are unaware of at publication, that’s pretty impressive, considering there is everything happening from singing to keys to lead guitars to a freaking saxophone.
So let’s back up just a little bit. In 2016, Palace released his “Master of the Universe” album, followed two years later by his “Binary Music” album. While these albums were inventive and good by most reasonable standards, it is apparent he wanted to push things in a particular direction in 2020, and ”Rock-and-Roll Radio” certainly does that.
A fantastic, ridiculously catchy collection of songs.

FIRST SIGNAL – Line Of Fire [Japan Edition +1] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

After two critical and fan acclaimed albums, FIRST SIGNAL are returning with a new studio album, “Line Of Fire” via Frontiers Music next May 17. This is the Japanese edition including a bonus track, premiered in exclusive for you by 0dayrox. In 2010, a marriage in made in melodic rock heaven was consummated between Canadian rock vocalist Harry Hess (Harem...

PALACE – Binary Music [Japan Edition +1] (2018)

Swedes PALACE will release his second album “Binary Music” via Frontiers Music on December 7, just appeared in Japan with a bonus track. Despite PALACE is actually a five-piece band which play gigs, Michael decided to record the band’s second album himself playing most instruments, except the drums handled by expert Daniel Flores who also co-produce with Michael. Swede Michael...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases November-December 2018 – Vol.2

01 Palace – Binary Music02 Devil’s Hand (Mike Slamer) – Heartbeat Away03 Inglorious – Where Are You Now?04 Alien – Imagine05 Alcatrazz – Emotion (Studio Demo 1985)06 Doomsday Outlaw – Blues for a Phantom Limb07 Echo Del Tusker – Fix Your Face08 London – Metal Nations09 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Fresh Start10 Wayland – She Lights It Up11...

PALACE – Master Of The Universe (2016)

“Master Of The Universe” is the debut album from PALACE, the new Swedish melodic hard rock band founded by lead singer / guitarist Michael Palace, who began working with Frontiers as a songwriter and guitar player for First Signal (featuring Harry Hess), Cry of Dawn (with Goran Edman), Kryptonite (featuring Jakob Samuel) and Toby Hitchcock. The successful collaborations led to...