BLACK SABBATH – Technical Ecstasy [Super Deluxe Edition] (2021)

As part of the current BLACK SABBATH discography reissues their seventh studio album, ”Technical Ecstasy”, is getting its Super Deluxe Edition box set.
The reissue comes as 4-CD and 5-LP, offering a newly remastered version of the original album, along with a brand new Steven Wilson stereo mix. SW’s remix doesn’t include the Bill Ward penned-and-sung ‘It’s Alright’, which is included in its original single mono mix. One presumes they couldn’t locate the multi-track from this song.
The third disc in the box offers unheard outtakes and alternate mixes (also remixed by Wilson) while the final CD provides 10 previously unreleased live tracks from concert recordings from the 1976-77 world tour.
Here, remastered, ”Technical Ecstasy” sounds even huger than ever. The Steven Wilson new mix is superb, there’s interesting never heard outtakes, and on the bonus Live World Tour 1976-77 disc, the power of Black Sabbath live is captured in all its steamrolling glory…

BLACK SABBATH – Technical Ecstasy (2021 Remaster)

BLACK SABBATH‘s album ”Technical Ecstasy” will have its Deluxe Edition available on October 1st as a 4-CD set and 5-LP set on 180-gram black vinyl. This fresh 2021 remaster of the original LP will be available as standalone version too.
Black Sabbath embraced change in 1976 when the heavy metal innovators started managing themselves and began exploring different sounds on the band’s seventh studio album, ”Technical Ecstasy”. The record reached #13 in the U.K. and was certified gold in the U.S.
The new songs encompassed a wide range of styles from the hard charging “Back Street Kids” and ballad “It’s Alright,” to the funky “All Moving Parts (Stand Still)” and progressive “Gypsy.” The album also featured the single “It’s Alright,” which was the first Sabbath song to feature lead vocals by Ward.
The Deluxe Edition presents a newly remastered version of the eight-track album using the original analog tapes…

OZZY OSBOURNE – No More Tears [30th Anniversary Expanded Edition +13] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

More than 30 years after its release, OZZY OSBOURNE’s sixth solo album –the Top 10 (#7) and quadruple platinum NO MORE TEARS will be celebrated with an expanded digital audio album due out September 17, plus a limited 2LP vinyl version. This 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition includes no less than 13 bonus tracks.
In its release, NO MORE TEARS yielded four top ten singles on the Billboard Rock Tracks chart, “Mama, I’m Coming Home” (#2), “Road To Nowhere” (#3), “Time After Time” (#6) and the title track (#10). In addition, the album’s “I Don’t Want to Change the World” earned OZZY his first Grammy for a live version of the track that was featured on his 1993 LIVE AND LOUD album.
The Grammy-winning track was one of the album’s four songs co-written with OZZY’s longtime friend and colleague Lemmy Kilmister; the others include “Mama, I’m Coming Home,” “Desire,” and “Hellraiser.”
Here’s a special 2021 remix of “Hellraiser” feat Lemmy, as part of the 13 bonus tracks.
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox

BLACK SABBATH – Vol. 4 (2021 Remaster)

Perhaps one of the most underrated BLACK SABBATH albums, “Vol. 4“, is getting a fresh remastering this 2021, and will be an expanded, deluxe edition including some unreleased material.
With this new sonic treatment, ”Vol. 4” gets a new, multi-dimensional sound.
On ”Vol 4”, there was a far wider scope to things than on the doomy Paranoid, or the bonged-out Master Of Reality. Songs like ‘Cornucopia’ and ‘Under The Sun’ boasted trademark bottom-end Iommi riffs, but elsewhere there were more twitchy, upbeat moments like the groovy ‘Supernaut’, epic opener ‘Wheels Of Confusion’, and even a piano ballad in ‘Changes’.
But there’s also a shine to everything on ”Vol 4”, an energy that makes ‘Tomorrow’s Dream’ and ‘Snowblind’ arrive far more swaggering and confident than previously. Then Sabbath had been good. Now, they seemed to say, we’re f@cking great, dudes.

OZZY OSBOURNE – Blizzard Of Ozz [40th Anniversary Expanded Deluxed Edition] (2020)

It’s been almost 40 years since the release of Black Sabbath frontman OZZY OSBOURNE‘s debut solo album ‘Blizzard Of Ozz‘ and the singer is celebrating that milestone by releasing a 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the album on September 18, 2020, which will feature seven live tracks not previously available in digital format.
The new package includes Ozzy hits: “Crazy Train,” which will hit certified 5x platinum status to coincide with its September release date; the gold-certified (in four countries) “Mr. Crowley” (both of which feature Randy Rhoads on guitar); along with “Suicide Solution,” plus live versions of seven tracks that are currently unavailable digitally.
The record was ultimately certified 5x platinum and was ranked #9 on Rolling Stone‘s list of “100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time” in the U.S.; platinum (or multi-platinum) in another 12 countries and gold in an additional 13 countries.
Easily one of the greatest singer-solo debut in Rock history.
A must have classic

ROCK CANDY MAGAZINE – Issue 4 / 5 / 6

As you know, Rock Candy Records is one of the best CD reissue labels out there. Since a couple of years, they are releasing a magazine, actually printed on paper like in the good ‘ol times.In the style of the essay included into each CD booklet about the band in question, ROCK CANDY MAGAZINE is a bi-monthly, 100-page Rock publication...

RED DRAGON CARTEL – Patina [Japan Edition +1] (2018)

RED DRAGON CARTEL, the band led by former Ozzy Osbourne / Badlands guitarist Jake E. Lee will release its sophomore album “Patina“, on November 9 via Frontiers Music. Tomorrow is the release date for this Japanese edition, including a bonus track.The follow-up to Red Dragon Cartel’s eponymous 2014 debut, “Patina” marks the group’s first release with drummer Phil Varone (ex-...

BLACK SABBATH – The End [Live In Birmingham] (2017)

“The End” is a celebration of BLACK SABBATH‘s final hometown concert at Birmingham’s Genting Arena on February 4, 2017. This unforgettable farewell show from one of the biggest bands in the world will be released by Eagle Music on November 17, 2017. BLACK SABBATH stormed the stage in their hometown of Birmingham to play the 81st and final triumphant gig...

JAKE E. LEE – Runnin’ With The Devil [Japan LTD mini-LP remastered]

JAKE E. LEE – Runnin’ With The Devil [Japan LTD mini-LP remastered]

A true guitar hero and one of the best electric six-string emerged from the ’80s, JAKE E. LEE took a sabbatical decade away from the stages during the 2000’s. Anyway, Jake recorded this very good record of classic rock songs with the help of famous singers entitled “Runnin’ With The Devil“.Never published in the Asian market, recently has been remastered...

BLACK SABBATH – The Ultimate Collection [2CD Digipak remastered] (2017)

BLACK SABBATH – The Ultimate Collection [2CD Digipak remastered] (2017)

Remastered by Andy Pearce (Rock Candy Records headquarters), the 2CD Digipak “The Ultimate Collection” is BLACK SABBATH‘s definitive ‘best of’ ever.Curated in conjunction with the band, the 31-track collection features the band’s classic songs, including “Paranoid”, “Iron Man”, “War Pigs”, “N.I.B.” and “The Wizard” as well as choice cuts from their classic albums and is the definitive accompaniment for all...

OZZY OSBOURNE – The Ultimate Sin [LTD Japanese miniLP remastered] Out Of Print

OZZY OSBOURNE – The Ultimate Sin [LTD Japanese miniLP remastered] Out Of Print

2016 marks the 30th anniversary (time flies!) of OZZY OSBOURNE‘s fourth album “The Ultimate Sin“. This remastered Japanese Limited Edition was the only released on a Cardboard Sleeve miniLP replica, now out of print and highly sought after by collectors. While many, including Ozzy, view “The Ultimate Sin” as ‘not heavy enough’, hence, his weakest effort, I completely disagree. It...

OZZY OSBOURNE – No Rest For The Wicked [LTD Japan miniLP remastered +2] Out Of Print

OZZY OSBOURNE – No Rest For The Wicked [LTD Japan miniLP remastered +2] Out Of Print

This remastered Japanese Limited Edition of “No Rest For The Wicked” – OZZY OSBOURNE‘s fifth studio album – was the only released on a Cardboard Sleeve miniLP replica, now out of print and highly sought after by collectors. By the late ’80s, Ozzy Osbourne had been lucky enough to work with some of the best guitarists in rock, including Randy...

OZZY OSBOURNE – Bark At The Moon [Japan Blu-Spec CD2 remastered +2]

OZZY OSBOURNE – Bark At The Moon [Japan Blu-Spec CD2 remastered +2]

“Bark At The Moon“, the third OZZY OSBOURNE solo album was requested here in its recent remastered version pressed on high quality CD, this means Japanese Blu-Spec CD2, Sony Music exclusive manufacturing similar to SHM-CD.But basically, to check how it sounds the remix of the album. Yes, this beloved Ozzy classic album “Bark At The Moon” was remastered, but also...

BLACK SABBATH – The End [Limited Edition Tour Exclusive CD] (2016)

With BLACK SABBATH’s 2016 THE END Tour launched past week, comes exciting news about a new Special Limited Edition CD, “The End” to be sold exclusively at shows on the legendary band’s massive worldwide final tour. Featuring original artwork by Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant (inspired in the very first Black Sabbath album), the CD is comprised of 8 previously...

BILL WARD – Accountable Beasts (2015)

* Drummer BILL WARD, who has been estranged from his former Black Sabbath bandmates, has released a new solo album (his first in 18 years) entitled “Accountable Beasts“.Considering the media frenzy surrounding Ward and Sabbath lately – a filthy public war of words with Ozzy Osbourne over his participation, or lack of it, with Sabbath as they prepare to record...