OF GODS AND MONSTERS (Deen Castronovo) – Sons Of Armageddon (2020)

OF GODS AND MONSTERS is the brainchild of vocalist Kevin Goocher (Phantom-X, ex-Omen), a musician with a metal background, but what really surprises from the band’s debut album “Sons Of Armageddon” is the impressive line-up: on drums there’s the excellent Deen Castronovo (Revolution Saints, The Dead Daisies, Journey), guitarist extraordinaire
Joey Tafolla (ex-Graham Bonnet Band, Hardline) and ex- Stryper bass player Tim Gaines.
A super group indeed, and the reason these renowned musicians joined the project is simple: there’s some great, strong songs here bringing back the glory days of classic metal, where DIO comes to mind.
Highly Recommended