OCEAN HILLS – Santa Monica [Digipak Edition +3] (2020)

OCEAN HILLS is the new project of vocalist Zoli Téglás – also a Hollywood actor (Terminator: Dark Fate). However, Ocean Hills is not a one-man project. Peter Lukacs (guitars), Daniel Szebenyi (keyboards, bass) and Reinder Oldenburger (guitars) share Teglas‘ vision and were key to bringing it to life.
While Téglás has also been the frontman for the bands Pennywise and the Misfits, Ocean Hills is a much more commercial, mainstream hard rock outfit. Their debut album ”Santa Monica” is all about melodic riffs with a modern edge, and title track speaks for itself: “Santa Monica is about sand, the beach, and living life, with fun and happiness. With all the negativity and fear going on in today’s world, this song is very much needed. So if you’re into guitar solos and Rock N Roll this song is for you”.