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NOW OR NEVER – III [Digipak +2] (2020)

Founded in 2012 by guitarist Ricky Marx (ex-Pretty Maids) and bass player Kenn Jackson (also ex-Pretty Maids) NOW OR NEVER recorded their self-titled debut album nd got a great response from the hard rock / metal scene and good international reviews by the press.
Now 2020 with a new rhythm section NOW OR NEVER are back with “III“, the third installment from the band where sonically, the atmospheres are more subtle than NoN’s previous releases, with the guitar and keyboards arrangements adding to the vocals, culminating in a warm, wide and harmonic tone to the album, but still with a heavy and tight rhythm section. “III” is the best of both worlds, melodic but hard n’ heavy.

NOW OR NEVER – II [Japanese Edition] (2016)

NOW OR NEVER – II [Japanese Edition] (2016)

Featuring 2 ex-Pretty Maids members, Denmark’s NOW OR NEVER is a solid example of how melodic metal and hard n’ heavy rock should be played, with power and total conviction. The band returns today with their sophomore effort simply titled “II“, packed with many interesting and catchy vocal harmonies, guitar riffs and hard-hitting rhythms more refined than ever. Consisting of...

NOW OR NEVER – Now Or Never (2013-2014)

NOW OR NEVER is a new international combo whose self titled debut album has just been released in Europe and Asia, and will be out on the streets in mid-January 2014 in North America via Mausoleum Records. Now Or Never was founded last year by Danish guitarist Ricky Marx (ex-Pretty Maids) and Swiss drummer Fabian Ranzoni (ex-Sultan), joined by French...