NOVA The Band – Back In Time (2021)

Back In Time” is the first album from American project NOVA The Band founded by songwriter / keyboardist Chris Comet and lead vocalist / guitar player Glenn Delaune.
Take a look at the album’s artwork. Then the CD title… of course, this is inspired by late Seventies / Eighties US Melodic Hard Rock with AOR touches, in the vein of JOURNEY, BOSTON, STYX, REO and more.
The create the atmosphere, top session musicians were involved like top drummers Simon Philips (Toto, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Judas Priest, and more), Shannon Forrest (Toto, Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald), bass splayer Craig Young (Michael McDonald, Elton John), etc.
Just listen / watch the video below… You get the picture, and it’s really nice to see musicians in America still carrying the flag of this timeless type of rock, very well composed & recorded “Back In Time” with the ’80s feel with today‚Äôs sound technology…