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NOELY RAYN – Perfect Is Not Enough (2019)

After their very good debut CD – featured here at 0dayrox – Greek melodic rockers NOELY RAYN are back with “Perfect Is Not Enough”, their second album. It seems the title reflects the band’s goal as the new record is much more elaborated, polished and intense than its predecessor.
To their classic melodic hard rock foundation, the six-piece has incorporated various influences here and there, however the main focus of this band is catchiness and melody.

NOELY RYAN – Escape From Yesterday (2016)

“Escape From Yesterday” is the debut album from Greeks NOELY RYAN, a band founded by a Thin Lizzy tribute act known as Remember Lizzy. Of course, as you imagine, their music is strongly influenced by the legendary Irish band, but the guys add their own touch as well. Noely Rayn’s songs are constructed around a twin-guitar pattern as Thin Lizzy...