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NO LOVE LOST – No Love Lost (first album)

What a banner year 2013 has been for fans of melodic rock music, with many legendary acts comeback and new talented artists arise, like NO LOVE LOST and their self-titled debut CD on Kivel Records bringing aspects of Whitesnake, Triumph, early Def Leppard and Tesla thrown into a little bit of a mix of Badlands and Keel on the side.
These are the influences heard when we gave their impressive debut album a first listen.
Hailing from Winston Salem, North Carolina, No Love Lost was formed in 2006 by veteran musicians from the East coast circuit. Vocalist Scott Board began…

NO LOVE LOST – Bliss (2020)

Only released on physical CD by reputed specialized Melodic Rock label Kivel Records, “Bliss” is the sophomore effort from American rockers NO LOVE LOST. Produced by famed Ty Sims & Erik “Desmond Childish” Johnson, NO LOVE LOST creates the perfect love letter for this genre of music. Hard hitting when it needs to be. Heartfelt when it wants to be, and just damn fun because it should be.
NO LOVE LOST proves that in current times a band can make an Arena Rock record with all the trimmings just like how you remembered it, while adding the bonus of today’s technology and production.
Lastly, and certainly far from least, No Love Lost welcomes a legend himself, Paul Shortino, as he duets with the band on the rockin’ classic ‘Good Times’ (made famous by INXS and Jimmy Barnes). If there was a song that was synonymous with Fun, it is this one, and the guys do not disappoint.
The band have released an album that fans of melodic hard rock bands like AdrianGale, Farcry, Seven Hard Years and Tango Down ought to love. There are more moments on ”Bliss” that bring to mind Foreigner, Mr. Big and maybe Danger Danger. It’s a good combo, as it lets them infuse…