NIGHTFOX – White Cobra (2021)

To be released by Lions Pride Music, ”White Cobra” is the debut album from NIGHTFOX, an ’80s band freeze in the ice of North Norway… no, not at all, but it sounds like if we still are in 1987.
Nightfox is a fictional band-project from Trondheim, Norway, created by multi-instrumentalist / songwriter Erik Winther; he performs everything here and let me tell you that ”White Cobra” has a very good sound quality, and even better, there’s great songs sporting that classic melodic hard rock / AOR style.
Originally established as a synthwave-project in 2012, Nightfox decided to take a turn towards hard rock around 2017. The sound is mainly inspired by the great hard rock bands from the 1980’s where the focus is kept on roaring riffs, blazing guitar solos, synth splashes and melodious vocals…