Lars Boquist’s NEONDAZE – ”2021” (2021)

Anyone remember the very good Swedish band that released a couple of albums in the Nineties, called POLE POSITION? If you do, their guitarist Lars Boquist, a highly underrated one I might add, is now back in action walking the same old path he once created.
NEONDAZE new album “2021” truly sounds like a POLE POSITION of the new millennium, that meaning classic Scandi Melodic Rock. Add to that drummer Hampus Landin who has been member of MISS BEHAVIOUR and you pretty much picture the sound & style of NEONDAZE: a mix of WIG WAM, ’80s BONFIRE and THE POODLES, with big DEF LEPPARDish harmony vocals during the ready-to-sing-a-long choruses.
And there’s another reason you can’t go wrong here; many of these songs were written 1986-1988…