NEON ANGEL – Neon Light District (2020)

New melodic hard rock band from Finland NEON ANGEL are set for release their debut album “Neon Light District” via Sliptrick Records on September 8th. You take a look at the album cover, the band’s name, and the album’s title; yes, the band’s music has a solid foundation in the glory days of genre, updating that classic sound to the 2020’s.
However there’s something that sets NEON ANGEL apart from your regular melodic hard rock act: it’s female fronted (not too many MHR bands today with a girl at the mic), but especially the strong 80s synth / keyboard presence all over the songs.
And if you want an even more distinctive thing about NEON ANGEL, most the solos, instead performed on guitar, are synth solos! And I love that…