THE NEAL MORSE BAND – Innocence & Danger (2021)

Innocence & Danger” is the upcoming, fourth album from the NMB / THE NEAL MORSE BAND (Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Bill Hubauer & Eric Gillette). After two sprawling back to back double concept albums in a row, it is refreshing to hear that ”Innocence & Danger” is a collection of unrelated individual songs in the vein of their first album… And what quality songs…
This band is so extraordinary and such an amazing team that you not only admire the individual performances, but as a whole THE NEAL MORSE BAND is simply outstanding.
We dare to say ”Innocence & Danger” is a classic in the making. Yes. It’s that good.

THE NEAL MORSE BAND – The Great Adventure (2019)

The recording of any new album has its challenges. And the more successful a band is the more challenges it faces, both with the actual writing and recording process, but also with a back catalog of material that the new album will be compared to. THE NEAL MORSE BAND had an additional challenge when it came to recording their upcoming...