NATION – Remaster Of The Universe [Chased By Time + Without Remorse digitally remastered]

Remaster Of The Universe” is the title of the 2-CD remastered release of NATION‘s two albums “Chased By Time” and “Without Remorse” plus a bonus track. Perhaps due for being released in 1994-1995, NATION is one of the most underrated classic hard rock acts from Sweden. There were difficult times for the genre, but the band / both albums did it very well in Japan anyway, where songwriter / leader Johnny Öhlin was voted best guitarist of 1995 in a prestigious magazine.
NATION are still a name in the business, with the band asked for a reunion which materialized in a performance at the FireFest X some years ago, where “Remaster Of The Universe” was sold at the show.
Mixing ’80s-style hard rock ala early EUROPE, GLORY, and Yngwie’s RISING FORCE, both albums are plenty of extremely clean and technical guitar work, soaring vocal harmonies, sparkling keys and a huge rhythm section, wrapped into a slick melodic production.
Highly Recommended