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Mr ZSOLT feat. Rudy Cardenas – Stepping Off The Edge (2020) + Rock Symphony *EXCLUSIVE*

Mr ZSOLT feat. Rudy Cardenas already blasted onto the European scene with their successful LA recorded debut album Son Of A Gun posted here few days ago. Now established in California, they are releasing “Stepping Off The Edge” in the same 80s melodic hard rock vein, officially bringing their untamed energy to the US market for the first time, aiming to capture all fans from the genre whom miss when the likes of Mr.Big, Hardline or Journey ruled the airwaves.
Aldo included here is ‘Rock Symphony‘, the album Mr ZSOLT recorded two years ago showcasing his virtuosity on the 6-strings.
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Mr ZSOLT feat. Rudy Cardenas – Son Of A Gun (2016) *EXCLUSIVE*

Few days ago we presented here the solo album by Rudy Cardenas, also the fresh vocalist for Waiting For Monday self-titled debut on Frontiers Music. Well, Rudy’s services as vocalist have been on demand lately, and now we have the album he recorded with Hungarian guitarist and composer Mr ZSOLT, titled “Son Of A Gun“.
Mr ZSOLT is some kind of the ‘Satriani from Hungary’, but here he decided to record an album of pure 80s melodic hard rock infused songs. He was cleverly enough to get an American-spoken vocalist, and an Australian lyricist to create a true international product to appeal all audiences.
Recording, Production & Mix are top notch (all done in L.A.), so if you like your stuff akin the first Extreme, Mr.Big, Hardline, McAuley / Schenker and alike, you better don’t miss this one!
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