MOTHER ROAD (Keith Slack & Chris Lyne) – II (2021)

Now this is a record after my own heart: after more than six years MOTHER ROAD are back with their second album “II“.
Consisting of the two former Soul Doctor musicians Chris Lyne (guitar) and drummer Zacky Tsoukas, US bass player Barry Sparks (who has been a very busy boy with also appearances on the latest Durbin and MSG albums) and singer extraordinaire Keith Slack (Steelhouse Lane, MSG), Mother Road released in 2014 their debut ‘Drive’ for our melodic rock listening pleasure.
2021 and Lyne & Slack have found the inspiration and time for a second Mother Road album that just breathes the 70s/80s sound of British greats like Bad Company and Free meeting their US counterparts Cry Of Love and Stone Machine. A blistering cocktail of bluesy based hard rock.

MOTHER ROAD – Drive [debut album on AOR Heaven] Out of print

With their second album title II just released, you need to hear this criminally underrated album, MOTHER ROAD‘s debut album “Drive” featuring Keith Slack at the mic plus other excellent musicians such as Alessandro Del Vecchio.
Mother Road was put together by Austin singer Keith Slack (MSG / Steelhouse Lane) and famed German guitarist & producer Chris Lyne (Soul Doctor), and after hearing the first songs recorded by the band AOR Heaven Records immediately signed the band.
Rounding out the outfit are huge keyboard player and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, drummer Jacky Tsoukas, and bassist Frank Binke.
These guys obviously have studied their Bad Company, Deep Purple, WhiteSnake, Aerosmith and…