AUTUMN’S CHILD (Last Autumn’s Dream) – ST [Japanese Edition +1] (2019)

Swedish outfit Last Autumn’s Dream decided to stop for a moment due to each member’s schedule was busy. But in the future, they are planning to get together again. In the meantime, frontman Mikael Erlandsson announced a new band, AUTUMN’S CHILD, and their self-titled debut album is being released by Marquee / Avalon (Japan) in December, and AOR Heaven in January (Europe).”
It is the birth of a dream-team with a background in which each member is active or been a member in a well-known band such as H.E.A.T., Eclipse, WET, Moon Safari, Heartbreak Radio & Last Autumn’s Dream.

MIKAEL ERLANDSSON – Capricorn Six (2019)

Since almost fifteen years, at the end of each year we have a new Last Autumn’s Dream album, but their singer MIKAEL ERLANDSSON has a solid solo career as well. The Gothenburg-based frontman started his career in the late ’70s as a drummer of punk band, something that’s hard to imgine while listening to his new solo album “Capricorn Six”....

SALUTE – Heart Of The Machine (2010)

In addition to his various solo releases, Mikael Erlandsson will be best known to melodic rock listeners for his involvement with Last Autumn’s Dream. Not content with having those two prongs to his busy career, Erlandsson is also involved with a third project, SALUTE, where he performs alongside guitarist Martin Kronlund (who in 2010 played a big part in the...