MICHELE LUPPI’s HEAVEN – Strive [Japan Edition +4] Out Of Print

After the success of Vision Divine, singer / songwriter Michele Luppi got the chance to record his solo album, and the Italian baptized the release as MICHELE LUPPI’s HEAVEN, with the album’s title “Strive“. This is a collection of songs where Luppi puts his heart out: this is the music he loves, and while musically is obviously influenced by ’80s AOR what Luppi delivers in “Strive” is quite different, personal.
This is the type of AOR albums which avoids common places: you have the catchy choruses, the keys, sure, but there’s something ‘extra’, something ‘special’ about this album.
And this Japanese Edition (now out of print) is the one to get as it includes 4 bonus tracks taken from the unreleased, very first professional recording Luppi did in 1992…