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MICHAEL FLEXIG (ex Zeno) – World Of Tomorrow (rare CD / Out Of Print)

MICHAEL FLEXIG was the vocalist behind Zeno, the brainchild of German guitarist Zeno Roth (brother of the ex- Scorpions legendary axeman Uli Jon Roth), and both published a bunch of wonderful AOR albums in the ’80s-90’s. Some time ago Flexig decided to re-record 11 Zeno originals and release them into this CD titled “World Of Tomorrow”. This is a curious...

MICHAEL FLEXIG (Zeno) – Keeper Of The Flame [Japan Edition +3] + Euro Edition 3 Bonus Tracks (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Now this is a real gem; we are presenting in exclusive “Keeper Of The Flame [Japan Edition +3]”, the disc the ‘voice of ZenoMICHAEL FLEXIG has put together with previously unreleased material from this fabulous band.
Flexig said; “with this album I’d like to show you for the first time the most classic, authentic and fundamental songs of the band Zeno in their original versions. Many of those recordings have never been released before.”
This Japanese Edition includes 3 exclusive tracks, however the European edition also packs 3 exclusive tracks… we have ’em all.
A Must Have
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ZENO – Zeno [Japan Edition Remastered +5]

This is a very special post here; musician Zeno Roth, younger brother of Scorpions founder Uli Jon Roth, passed away at age 61 few weeks ago after battling years of illness. His band, ZENO, released a bunch of wonderful albums between the Eighties / Nineties, and this is our homage here with his most celebrated LP – and for us...