MICHAEL BOLTON – Michael Bolton 1983 [Japanese CD reissue]

Michael Bolotin. The guy got the chance to record two (forgettable) albums in the ’70s, but a very promising songwriter. The he joined BlackJack and released two strong melodic albums.
But it was with this self-titled ”Michael Bolton” – now using his professional name MICHAEL BOLTON, where he really showcased all his potential – many songs on this album were covered later by other artists like Eric Martin, Axel Rudi Pell, etc.
It was 1983. It was time for radio-friendly rock, with catchy melodies and a smooth AOR sound.
Future Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick is the partner in crime here, but other luminaries from the genre like bro Bob Kulick, Aldo Nova, George Clinton, Mark Mangold (Drive She Said), Chuck Burgi (Rainbow), and more also perform.
This out of print Japanese reissue is from the late ’90s, and it sounds much better than the original early Nineties original CD release.
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MICHAEL BOLTON – AOR Provider [The Unreleased ’80s Album / Remastered Demos]

Michael Bolotin, later known as MICHAEL BOLTON, softened his style in favor to commercial pop at the end of the Eighties, but the man has a rock n’ roll background. Under his real name he did two forgettable records in the Seventies, but at the beginning of the ’80s Bolton was part of Blackjack (with Bruce Kulick), a noteworthy melodic rock ensemble.
Later Bolton released 3 great AOR solo albums, but between these solo LP’s he recorded a series of demos helped by renowned session musicians, including Neal Schon & Jonathan Cain from Journey. In fact, seems some of these tracks were planned for a future Journey release, with Bolton replacing Steve Perry.
All these unreleased songs and more, were compiled here with the title “AOR Provider“…

MICHAEL BOLTON – Everybody’s Crazy [Rock Candy Remastered]

While Michael Bolotin (his given name) mostly known as MICHAEL BOLTON developed a successful career as Adult Contemporary Pop artist, in his beginnings he was a rocker. Of his four Eighties records, undoubtedly “Everybody’s Crazy” is the best of all, and this Rock Candy remastered treatment takes out the best of it: pulsating bass and keyboard lines, rocking guitars and catchy choruses wrapped around Bolton’s powerful, emotional lead vocals.
The drums on this album are bombastic – just the way I like – performed by ex- Rainbow (uncredited on the original release, but listed on the reissue), all perfectly recorded by genius producer Neil Kernon.
One of the best mid-80s AOR albums without a doubt, the recording includes the likes of Bruce Kulick (KISS) on guitars, keyboardist / co-writer Mark Mangold (TOUCH, DRIVE SHE SAID) and various members of KANSAS, FOREIGNER and BALANCE…

MICHAEL BOLTON – Songs Of Cinema (2017)

MICHAEL BOLTON – Songs Of Cinema (2017)

“Songs Of Cinema” is the title of the new MICHAEL BOLTON album to be released tomorrow by Frontiers Music.The record includes brand new recordings of songs from iconic films such as “The Body Guard”, “Casablanca”, “Stand by Me”, “Risky Business” and “The Wizard of Oz”, among others. If you are an AOR lover, you know very well Michael Bolton first...