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METALITE – A Virtual World [Japan Edition +1] (2021)

Sweden’s female fronted rockers METALITE releases their 3rd full length album on AFM records titled ”A Virtual World”, before in Japan with a bonus track. This is the second release featuring the vocal talents of Erica Ohlsson, whose voice stands strong throughout (and her gorgeous look).
”A Virtual World” features a lush, wall of sound produced by Jacob Hansen which has elements of Pop, Techno, Melodic Metal and more all wrapped up in one neat package. The vocals are thickly layered with deep reverbs that make it feel like a classic Rock&Pop album, if you didn’t have the rapid-fire double bass drumming and shredding guitar work to fill in the blanks.
One test of a good mix is can you still hear the vocals clearly at any volume, and ”A Virtual World” more than passes that test.
With such great production values, strong melodies and overall performances, this is a very solid and entertaining third album from Metalite, whom from their name makes clear their focus: metal, but lite.

METALITE – Biomechanicals (2019)

Two years after their exciting debut “Heroes In Time”, the Swedish Melodic Metal renewers METALITE return with a new singer and more huge bombast. A flaming fire collection of songs sparked off by another high-end production of Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe), with this new album Metalite are ready for their next step., and if properly managed, it could be a...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases Sept-October 2019 – Vol.4

We expect a very interesting batch of new releases for this 2019 Summer / Fall, so let’s go with our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases singles. Reactivated legendary American hard rock band ANGEL including original members guitarist Punky Meadows and vocalist Frank DiMino have made the new track ‘Under The Gun’ available, the first cut from their seventh full-length studio album...

METALITE – Heroes In Time (2017)

“Heroes In Time” is the debut album by METALITE, a new Swedish female fronted combo which as their name suggest, musically is melodic metal oriented but with a ‘lite’ approach, commercial and catchy. The album was produced by experienced Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Evergrey, Amaranthe] and guest appearances on the album includes Fraser Edwards [Ascension] and Jakob Svensson [Wigelius]. METALITE follows...