MERRI HOAXX – Never Jokes [previously unreleased / remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

Vocalist Joel Ellis is well known in the hard / hair metal scene fronting Cats In Boots, Heavy Bones or Ellis Island, but before that he started his professional career with MERRI HOAXX. Together with his guitar mate Denny Holan founded the band in their native Cleveland at the beginning of the Eighties.
Soon both decided the group needed to head for the higher ground, then led the way to Los Angeles, California and the Hollywood Sunset Strip Rock scene.
Merri Hoaxx created major record label interest from Atlantic Records, who brought the band onto their roster. They started to record the debut album in 1986 but as happened with many of their colleagues, the company shelved the project and decided to fully support their other already raising acts.
So after decades, Merri Hoaxx’s recordings under the title “Never Jokes“, were finally released.