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MATTADOR – Save Us From Ourselves [original version 1991 different tracks] *EXCLUSIVE*

Puerto Rican melodic hard rock band MATTADOR 1994’s album ”Save Us From Ourselves” was requested and posted at 0dayrox, but few know the band already recorded an early version of the album in 1991, only released in their homeland and very much sought after by collectors.
Production is very good as well for an indie, and half of the tracks on this “Save Us From Ourselves [original version 1991]” are not present in the 94 re-recording. What it isn’t different is MATTADOR talent to play awesomely and craft terrific melodies.
The overall style is slightly more Melodic Rock oriented than the later re-recordings, and among the pearls of the songs exclusive to this ’91 version there’s the fantastic ‘The Hurting Is Over’, a keyboard-driven AOR tune with a pure ’80s vibe all over.
HIGHLY Recommended
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MATTADOR – Save Us From Ourselves [re-recorded 1994 / ‘International version’]

As requested, here’s a must listen rarity: “Save Us From Ourselves“, the re-recording of MATTADOR‘s album “Save Us From Ourselves” from 1991, a very hard to find private release.
MATTADOR hails from Puerto Rico, but I guarantee these guys doesn’t sound like Ricky Martin at all. Instead, this 5-piece play an awesome blend of hard rock with melodic progressive and some AOR waves all over the record.
Despite its indie origin, the production sound of this 1994 CD is great, with the album receiving rave reviews in Europe and Japan, achieving a cult status. This is the re-recording of the the original release from 1991.
You don’t see too many rock bands coming out of Puerto Rico do you? Well here’s one. And a really good one. It’s spectacular progressive melodic rock all the way. Musically really original, to mention some reference think Mr.BIG, EXTREME, the commercial side of QUEENSRYCHE and some DREAM THEATER circa ‘Images & Words’.
Singer Tony Collazo sings in perfect English, with a rich vocal texture ranging from Ted Poley and Gary Cherone, to Russell Arcara and… oh, in the more melodic songs… Steve Perry. Guitarist Miguel Angel Rodriguez is second to none…

MATTADOR – Quien Nos Salvará [Save Us From Ourselves Spanish version] [2020 reissue] *EXCLUSIVE*

To complete the request of MATTADOR‘s album ‘Save Us From Ourselves’, here’s the just released 2020 for the first time digitally the band’s very first release of the album, originally recorded at the end of the ’80s with Spanish lyrics and titled ”Quien Nos Salvará”.
It’s curious and fun to listen to the songs from ‘Save Us From Ourselves’ into a different language context, and how much the band evolved technically.
Only released on physical cassette, the production quality is pretty good, and while we largely prefer the 1991 & 1994 versions of thse tunes, a good song is always a good song.
A collectible, Only at 0dayrox