MATS LEVÉN’s SKYBLOOD – Skyblood (2019)

Swedish super-singer MATS LEVÉN has delivered his signature vocals for a number of bands and projects ranging from melodic hard rockers Treat or Yngwie Malmsteen to the power-metal shred of Firewind as well as Gus G’s solo hard rock material.
For a number of years, Mats Leven has been bitten with the solo act bug, and has retreated into his home studio – when possible – to compose, arrange, and perform what is one of the more unique sounding releases of his career, entitled “Skyblood”, requested here.
This is a mixture of the aforementioned styles, where he performs the majority of the instrumentation (helped by Last Autumn’s Dream & Treat ex bandmate Nalle Påhlsson among others), as well as all of the vocal heavy lifting, which is extremely impressive.