MARYANNE SCANDIFFIO’s NO ANGELS – This Ain’t Heaven [recorded 1994 / Unreleased] (2020)

MARYANNE SCANDIFFIO’s NO ANGELS formed in late 1992, featuring female singer MaryAnn Scandiffio which in the mid-Eighties fronted Blacklace. Scandiffio found her band rising in hard rock charts, with very good record sales of their LP. Though the growing success of Blacklace, Scandiffio had become a star in her own right, drawing large crowds at record signings and personal appearances and even being featured on the cover of Hit Parader magazine.
After Blacklace had decided to call it a day, Scandiffio began to focus on her solo project with ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, when she would meet her NO ANGELS co-founder Robbie Parker. They recorded the band’s debut album ‘This Ain’t Heaven’ engineered by Paul Orofino, known for his work with bands such as Danger Danger, TNT, Tyketto and Riot among many others.
The recording would be shelved for the next 26 years, and now is finally released; female fronted melodic hard rock with an ’80s feeling and catchy melodies…