MARTY FRIEDMAN – Tokyo Jukebox 3 (2020)

Uber talented guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN will release tomorrow in Japan his new solo album, “Tokyo Jukebox 3“. After almost ten years the previous volume of this series, the CD features Marty’s cover versions of a wide variety of Japanese pop songs, including such contemporary numbers as LiSA’s “Gurenge” and OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM’s “Shukumei”, along with DA PUMP’s dance track “U.S.A.”, etc.
Some throwback J-pop hits from the ’90s are included on the set as well, such as ZARD’s “Makenaide” and EVERY LITTLE THING’s “Time Goes By”.
Of course, all dome with Friedman’s hard rockin’, melodic attack.
There’s also a couple of Friedman originals, one with vocals courtesy of Japanese singer Arufakyun, a killer metallic tune.

MEGADETH – Countdown To Extinction +4 [Ltd Edition MFSL Gold CD remastered]

After the new MEGADETH 3-CD greatest hits release (here) one of you asked for the band’s break-through album “Countdown To Extinction” in its audiophile Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi) remastered version UltraDisc II.Pressed on 24kt Gold CD and including 4 bonus tracks, “Countdown To Extinction +4 [Ltd Edition MFSL Gold CD remastered]” sounds fabulous. Megadeth became one of the leading...

MARTY FRIEDMAN – Wall Of Sound (2017)

MARTY FRIEDMAN – Wall Of Sound (2017)

Former Megadeth guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN will release his new solo album, “Wall Of Sound“, tomorrow August 4th. Produced by Friedman, engineered by Paul Fig (Rush) and mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth), the disc it’s another showcase for Friedman’s expansive creations.To give you an idea, legendary Queen producer Mack came on board to handle the mixing on two tracks, “Streetlight” and...

MARTY FRIEDMAN – Inferno (2014)

* Unfortunately, to some, MARTY FRIEDMAN is just ‘that guy’ who played guitar and contributed to several of Megadeth’s best records. But often his mind-blowing efforts in Cacophony go undermentioned or unknown by modern fans, as does his continually solid solo career — a career that has shifted toward Japan where he relocated some time ago, became a TV celebrity,...