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MARENNA – In Your Face (2021)

MARENNA, the AOR band fronted by singer / songwriter Rod Marenna is releasing a new album titled “In Your Face“, a collection of songs from the band’s catalog newly recorded in stripped versions.
This is Rod and guitarist Alex Reck performing ‘Live into the Studio’ re-arranged acoustic takes of songs originally plenty of electric guitars & keyboards, not getting a new life with just vocals & guitar.
Also called by themselves ‘the lockdown versions (Corona Virus Era)’, songs like originally keyboard-driven ‘You Need to Believe’, ‘Keep on Dreaming’ or ‘Getting Higher’ are served into an intimate, back to the basics format, and you know, a good song is always a good song.
In fact according to Rod, most of these songs were composed this way, so the idea to present them in this organic way give the feeling of how these songs born.
A very nice, cool set of melodic tunes well performed & recorded.
Highly Recommended

MARENNA – Pieces Of Tomorrow [Deluxe Edition +2] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Lead by singer and songwriter Rod Marenna, AOR / melodic rockers MARENNAPieces Of Tomorrow”, their fourth official release presenting a new phase for the band, showing a mature sound without losing their essence alternating between ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR and the current sound of the genre, especially from Scandinavia.
However, to my ears, Rod Marenna’s true love is Journey / Steve Perry music, and from there comes his inspiration.
Compared to Marenna previous material, this 2020 side of the band is much more rocking, edgy than before, pretty melodic hard rock at places, something you can hear on ‘Getting Higher’.
Only at 0dayrox

MARENNA / MEISTER – Out Of Reach (2020)

Released via Lions Pride Music, “Out Of Reach” is the debut album from MARENNA / MEISTER, the new band formed by AORster Rod Marenna and melodic rockers Pleasure Maker guitarist Alex Meister.
With the most intense vibrations, combining both musicians experience of more than 25 years dedicated to this musical styles, Marenna / Meister promotes an exciting union between melodic and striking vocals, powerful riffs / guitar solos with tons of energy.
“Out Of Reach” guarantees a trip back to the golden times when glammy melodic hard rock ruled the world on the late 80s and early 90s, inspired by Danger Danger, Dokken, Winger, Def Leppard, etc, plus a touch of classic AOR waves.

MARENNA – Livin’ No Regrets (2018)

Not a stranger at 0dayrox, MARENNA, the AOR / Melodic Rock band fronted by Brazil-born songwriter / vocalist Rodrigo Marenna already pleased us with their solid debut full of songs in the true traditional style of the genre. Last MARENNA album is “Livin’ No Regrets“, recorded live including songs from the debut CD plus new ones.
MARENNA as band, in live set, sounds much more edgy and melodic hard rock oriented. There’s pulsating rockers in ‘Keep On Dreaming, ”Reason to Live’ and the more groovy ‘Can’t Let You Go’.
The live version of ‘About Love’ is still catchy yet muscular, while the anthemic ‘No Regrets’ rocks with ’80s feeling.
‘Never Surrender’ is one of the best Marenna songs, and this…

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases August-Sept. 2019 – Vol.4

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MARENNA – My Unconditional Faith (out of print)

Brazil has produced very interesting Rock / Metal during the last 25 years which have gained international acclaim. One of the most prolific genres were centralized around Hard / Melodic Rock & AOR and this is the case of MARENNA project. Fronted by singer Rodrigo Marenna, MARENNA is already getting really good sales of their single You Need To Believe...