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MALICE – The Rare And Unreleased [Retrospect Records release]

Alongside the two MALICE major label studio albums in remastered form, it was requested here ”The Rare And Unreleased”, released by in limited pressing by Retrospect Records / Malice Records and now out of print, with used copies fetching over € 150.
As requested by fans for years, MALICE members raided their vaults and found these rare tracks recorded in the ’80s but never released, plus previously unreleased songs / demos from the era.
”The Rare And Unreleased” is a welcomed collection of unreleased & alternate versions of old MALICE tunes, from the time when they were one of the biggest hopefuls of US melodic metal. Comprising 18 songs in total, the sound quality quite good for most the material, including kick ass songs that easily could have been part of the band’s first two albums.
A collector’s item…

MALICE – License To Kill [Rock Candy remastered]

Rock Candy Records already remastered MALICE first album, and after a couple of years they did the same for their second LP, the indeed killer “License To Kill“, a really welcomed release because the only remastered version (Japan) has been out of print for ages.
For their second album, Malice hardened their sound, but still there’s an implicit L.A. hard rock groove / melody all over. With British producer Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne, Y&T) behind the desk, the album’s sound is much more polished.
For many, this is the album Judas Priest should have released after Defenders Of The Faith instead of Turbo.
For me, “License To Kill” is what would happen if Dokken suddenly grew 8 foot tall testicles.
Killer opener “Sinister Double” is a mid-paced American hard / metal romp featuring some high, over-the-top vocals from …

MALICE – In The Beginning… [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

If there was one ’80s album needing an proper remastering, MALICE first cult effort “In The Beginning…” won the prize. Fortunately, it has been Remastered & Reloaded by Rock Candy Records. With the rise in the early ’80s American metal scene, bands were forming from coast to coast with California / Bay Area being the epicentre of the movement. It was also the home of Metal Blade Records, a fiercely pro-active independent label dedicated to unearthing the best of the breed. Among their discoveries were Metallica, Metal Church, Armored Saint and… Malice.
Now, listening “In The Beginning…” in perspective, decades after its original release, the album originally considered ‘metal’ now feels classic rock, classic metal if you want. Here Malice sounds more close to the first Dokken or even Queensryche than Judas Priest, and these great songs feel typically American. It’s a killer set of classic stuff.
We really liked the Rock Candy remastering treatment; it’s sharp and with an analog heart, something this kind of records need…

MALICE – License To Kill [Japan Remastered Limited Release] Out Of Print

MALICE – License To Kill [Japan Remastered Limited Release] Out Of Print

The first MALICE album was recently remastered by Rock Candy Records (featured HERE on the blog), and I think it’s proper to revisit this, their second effort “License To Kill“. A remastered version of this cult classic album is not easy to find, as this Japanese reissue – released in conjunction with BURRN! magazine to celebrate their 30 Year Anniversary...