MADMAN’S LULLABY – Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1 (2021)

California, USA based hard rockers MADMAN’S LULLABY consisting of lead guitarist Mr. Brett, frontman Chris Michaels, drummer Eric Arbizu and bassist Luis Barillas are releasing their 5th album “Nocturnal Overdrive“, their second CD for Melodic Rock Records.
The band has opted to split the recordings into two parts, this is the 1, the 2 to be released later this year. After some years of silence, MADMAN’S LULLABY feels rejuvenated with a groovin’ collection of rockers.
‘Love Rain Down’ sets the mood with melodic guitars before ‘Next Show’ explodes with driving guitars, a fast rocker that has a very WASP feel to it musically, with a crisp, clean production. ‘Never Too Late’ is a semi ballad, however not in the ‘power’ mode but more elaborated, some kind of SKID ROW meets QUEENSRYCHE circa 1990, one of the highlights here.
There’s very strong songwriting, and production is excellent for today’s standards, with the band…