MAD SYMPHONY – Mad Symphony +1 (2021)

MAD SYMPHONY is the collaboration of accomplished and professional Vancouver-based musicians who collectively have many years of experience writing, recording, and touring internationally with various acts.
Most recently, half of the line up were part of modern rockers Soulbender, but the guys where in the need to play more classic stuff and MAD SYMPHONY born.
Now, their self-titled debut recording is about to be released via Melodic Rock Records. And as extra we added in exclusive MAD SYMPHONY’s standalone single appeared early this year.
While channeling the sounds of classic arena rock bands, Mad Symphony infuse their songs with and updated melodic rock guitar work, elaborated keyboards and massive vocal harmonies to create a sound that is both contemporary and instantly recognizable by music fans of all ages.
Examining the themes of love, loss, and betrayal with songs such as ‘Sell Me Out,’ ‘Reality Check’ and ‘Wasted in Oblivion,’ Mad Symphony seek to illuminate the pressures and struggles faced by all who live through these confusing and rapidly changing times…