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M.ILL.ION – Back On Track (2021)

Now in 2021, its time, not just to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first M.ILL.ION album, but also to get back to that pure feeling of joy of the early days. The Swedish hard rockers new album “Back On Track” isn’t a reunion of tired middle-aged men for nostalgic reasons. This is for real and a serious attempt at creating great new rocking music, to kick some classic ass on stage again and to have lots of fun doing it all.
Four original M.ILL.ION members reunited in the autumn of 2020: Hans Dalzon (Lead Vocals), CT Rohdell (Guitar) Marcus Berglund (Keyboards) and B.J Laneby (Bass Guitar). New, and very talented recruits Henrik Andersson (Lead Guitar) and Magnus Rohdell (Drums) completes this powerful six piece for the new era of the band.
And they rock greatly…

M.ILL.ION – Sane And Insanity (2011)

M.ILL.ION is celebrating now 20 years in the music business.It was their very first album entitled ‘No 1’ that secured M.ILL.ION’s reputation and found them justifiably labeled as ‘Sweden’s Finest’.The Gothenburg quintet have its largest market in the country of the rising sun, where this form of European Hard Rock has always been appreciated.The hard rocking debut album went top...