LYNAM – Halfway To Hell [Lion’s Pride Deluxe Edition] (2016) *EXCLUSIVE*

This one was requested by one of you: LYNAM‘s “Halfway To Hell [Deluxe Edition]”, an European only release exclusively on CD by Lion’s Pride in partnership with Comeback Media (formerly YesterRock). This is the first time Lynam music appears outside their native USA, where they release their albums by themselves.
Fronted by Jacob Bunton – who has also been the lead vocalist in Steve Adler’s band Adler and sung on a Gus G’s album – Lynam is a quite unique band; not only hails from an unusual State for rock ‘n roll (Alabama), they’re also fighting in the independent modern rock chart for more than 15 years insisting on imposing their ’80s glammy look and feel. Just check their apparel… you need to have a strong personality to wear that spandex stuff nowadays.

Musically, talking about modern hard rock Lynam is a different beast as well: their songs are embedded with a steady dose of Eighties / early Nineties elements. It’s like a mix Sixx:AM, Hinder, Crashdiet, Motley Crue, Lynch’s Mob and Def Leppard.