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FEAR NOT (Ex Love Life) – Fear Not [25th Anniversary Remaster +2]

Few days ago we presented here the remastered reissue of LOVE LIFE sole album. This was a short-lived act, but its member son formed a new band: FEAR NOT. The band was singed by the now legendary Pakadern Records (Elefante Bros), and despite the musical climate already changed when they released this self-titled debut “Fear Not” in 1993, the musical style still has Love Life melodic rock touches mixed with Skid Row / Seb Bach heaviness.
Celebrating its 25th Anniversary Roxx Records has fully remastered the album with the addition of 2 bonus, previously unreleased tracks, plus refreshed artwork.
500 pieces only – Killer album

LOVE LIFE – Goodbye Lady Jane [Remastered & Expanded] (2019)

Originally released in 1991 and since then deleted, “Goodbye Lady Jane“, the only album from US melodic hard rockers LOVE LIFE has been meticulously remastered & expanded including previously unreleased material, and featuring upgraded artwork.
Considered the CCM version of Slaughter, they rock hard on this disc with that early ’90 American production sound for the genre. If you never heard this band you’ll be be surprised by its quality musicianship, great songwriting and killer hooks.