LOST SYMPHONY [feat Marty Friedman, Nuno Bettencourt, Jimi Bell] – Chapter III (2021)

LOST SYMPHONY, founded by multi-instrumentalist and producer Benny Goodman, includes the ensemble of Goodman’s brother Brian who helms compositions / arrangement, and members Cory Paza (on bass, guitar), Kelly Kereliuk (guitar), Paul Lourenco (drums) and Siobhán Cronin (violin, viola, electric violin).
This band has been pretty active since formed three years ago having released two albums already, and now presenting “Chapter III“, a quite original blend of Progressive, Melodic, Symphonic Metal and more.
The good thing about Goodman & Co is their love for electric guitar, metal / hard rock electric guitar. And LOST SYMPHONY recruits a formidable set of virtuosos such as Marty Friedman, EXTREME’s Nuno Bettencourt, HOUSE OF LORD’s Jimi Bell, TESTAMENT / SAVATAGE Alex Skolnick, and more.