LOST JOHNNY – Hidden Measures… And 1/2 Truths (1995) Rare Albums

Now it’s time for this requested, quite hard to find album from Canadians LOST JOHNNY, “Hidden Measures… And 1/2 Truths“. Originally released in 1995 by a small label, the CD has become a collector’s piece since.
LOST JOHNNY was formed in the second half of the ’80s, with some members having worked as session musicians. Their music & style was American glam metal / melodic hard rock with a late ’80s sound.
In fact, all these songs were written / recorded 1991-1993, but not released until 1995 when this type of music was buried by depressive rock.
It doesn’t matters; LOST JOHNNY’s songa are awesome, and production top notch, like any major label release fro mthe golden era. And musically – and quality wise – they easily can be compared with Warrant, XYZ, Dokken, Trixter, etc…