LOS ANGELES – Neverland [Japan Edition +1] Out Of Print

Here’s the requested LOS ANGELES second album “Neverland” in its rare, out of print Japanese Edition including a worthy bonus track. Put together by talented vocalist Michele Luppi (Vision Divine, Whitesnake, Danger Zone) & Fabrizio Grossi (Glenn Hughes, From the Inside, Vertigo) and including the likes of Tommy Denander and Eric Ragno, “Neverland” delivers a pure slice of Melodic Hard Rock / AOR inspired in the American sound of the genre, with songs composed by James & Tom Martin (Vega), Richard Marx, George Lynch, etc.
However, “Neverland” is a much more a ‘band album’ that Los Angeles debut, with many of the songs co-written by Luppi & Co.

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles (Out Of Print)

LOS ANGELES self-titled debut album revealed to the unsuspecting international Melodic Rock / AOR audience the talents of awesome Italian singer Michele Luppi. He cut his teeth at the VIT L.A., California, with Robin Randall (co-writer of hits for FM, Mark Free, James Christian, etc) as one of his musical coaches.
Luppi teamed up with bass player and producer Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi (Glenn Hughes, James Christian, Robin Beck, etc.) to give birth to a project that could make him express his ’80s Melodic Rock artistic roots.
The result was ‘Los Angeles’, a band including Tommy Denander, Gregg Giuffria, Joey Sykes (Boystown, Hugo) and more.