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LIXX – Diamond Star Halo (2020)

Scottish rockers LIXX have a new album out, “Diamond Star Halo“, following on from the re-release of the band’s 1988s debut album ‘Loose On You’ on American label Demon Doll Records in 2018.
That reissue sparked a lot of renewed interest in the band and with several high energy gigs under their belts, the band hit the studio, and the long-awaited new album ”Diamond Star Halo” is out now on Gathering Storm Records.

LIXX – Loose On You ’88 [Remastered +6 Bonus Tracks]

The LIXX story is a crazy ride – signed to Scottish label Fast Forward Records in the 80’s the band released their debut mini-album ‘Loose On You‘ in 1988 to widespread critical acclaim. In 1990 the band were being held up as ‘the next big thing’ . . shortly before grunge happened and swept all before it.
In 2018 American label Demon Doll Records signed the band and re-released / remastered “Loose On You”, including 6 previously unreleased tracks. This album has never been released on CD in any capacity so to call it rare would be an understatement.