LISA DOMINIQUE – Gypsy Ryder [digital reissue] (2020)

Long time deleted CD, finally we have the second full length album from LISA DOMINIQUE, “Gypsy Ryder“, available on digital format again. The sound quality is stupendous, ready for modern digital players.
With a great production courtesy of David Prater (Firehouse, Dream Theater) who also play drums and more, Lisa’s second effort is much more polished and clean in sound according to times (1991).
The likes of Glenn Burtnick and Billy Steinberg contributed with their songwriting talents, and seems other famous musicians recorded here uncredited (one of them Steve Lukather).
This is classy female melodic rock with some edge on a couple of tracks, in the same league of Robin Beck, Darby Mills, Joanna Dean, Heart, etc.
Highly Recommended
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LISA DOMINIQUE – Rock ‘N’ Roll Lady +2 [digital reissue] (2017)

For years out of print – there was a limited original CD version of this album – LISA DOMINIQUE‘s full length debut record “Rock ‘N’ Roll Lady” finally was made available again few years ago.
Many well known names from the UK scene were involved (uncredited) into the making of the album, such as Mick Ronson and Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange.
Released in 1989, that year Lisa Dominique is voted Britain’s No. 1 rock n’ roll female singer and sex symbol. Playboy magazine makes Lisa a generous offer but the UK’s rock Queen said ‘no, thanks’.
But apart from her gorgeous look the girl can sing, and also wrote her own rockin’ songs. This is a very good slice of 80s female-fronted melodic hard rock akin Heart, Vixen, If Only, Jackie Bodimead, Laos, etc.

LISA DOMINIQUE – All Fall Down + Jaleous Heart (2012)

* LISA DOMINIQUE’s musical career kicked off in 1985. Leaving her home town in East Yorkshire with a suitcase and a dream, she went to London to join her first band, ‘Marino’ (her’s brother group). Their live performances received rave reviews by Kerrang! magazine and soon management companies approach the band, but wanted Lisa as solo artist. Lisa left the...